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Before you buy

Q: Can anyone buy land or property and live in North Cyprus?

A: Generally yes, but there are certain formalities that you need to complete. Normally on entry you are issued with a 90 day visa. After the 90 days you need a residency permit which is obtained from the Immigration Office. Stringer Estates can help you with this formality if required. You will also require a Purchasing Permit, which is part of the work that your solicitor will carry out on your behalf.

Q: Which is the best area to live in North Cyprus?

A: From the beautiful villages set in the mountains or nearer the sea, where ever you choose, North Cyprus is The Location.

Q: What is a Donum?

A: A large plot of land big enough for a large house a large swimming pool a large barbeque area and lots of trees and shrubs. For the technical, a Donum (4 evleks) equals 3,600 square feet or 1,338 square meters or a third of an acre.

The Purchase

Q: Are there any extras to the purchase price?

A: Unfortunately yes. As the purchaser you will need to retain the services of a solicitor. The fees are approximately £1000 to £1300. The property also attracts a 5% VAT charge, payable upon transfer of title deeds. Also a stamp duty of 6% of the valuation levied by the local Land Registry Office is to paid. 1% of the 6% (Stamp duty) is a one off payment to the local council. Purchasers will have the option to be except from 3% of the 6% stamp duty on any one & only one purchase. VAT is payable on some new build properties only.

Q: Do I need to be in North Cyprus to complete on a Purchase?

A: No. This is not particularly uncommon; due to customers’ circumstances many have not been present in the first instance. Most of the procedures can be accomplished via e-mail, telephone or fax etc. There is an easy process which can be used to resolve this situation. For more information on this, contact Stringer Estates directly.

The construction Stage

Q: How do we make our payments? How do we know when they are due?

A: In most cases the payments are written into the contract and the builder will complete the building stages according to the contract. The builder will inform Stringer Estates that he has reached the next building stage and requires his payment. Stringer Estates will confirm this by visiting the property to confirm that all the work has been carried out and the builder is entitled to his next payment. Stringer Estates will then contact the customer and ask them to make the next stage payment. This can either be sent to Stringer Estates via a bank transfer or to the client’s solicitor, who will release the money to the contractor.

Q: How are we informed of progress on our property during construction?

A: Regular photographs are taken during and after the construction period. Stringer Estates has a dedicated after-sales personnel who record the construction process and send the information to the client regularly. Stringer Estates give the utmost care and attention to the customer, from the first meeting until the end of the relationship. After completion

Q: How can I take care of my house when I am not in North Cyprus?

A: Stringer Estates was one of the first estate agents to introduce a comprehensive property management service. With a large satisfied clientele, we feel that our services in this sector are undeniably, second to none. With an established team of employees orientated around the property management service, we can look after your property in your absence. Stringer Estates can offer you peace of mind that your property is in good hands. The Legal bits

Q: Can we use a solicitor from the UK?

A: No. You must use a solicitor based or registered in North Cyprus. Your solicitor will draw up a sales contract, deal will all work related to a Power of Attorney and make an application to the Ministry of Interior on your behalf for a Permit to Purchase.

Q: Should we make a will in North Cyprus?

A: Yes. A will drawn up in the UK will not be accepted in the TRNC; a local Will must be drawn up to secure your property in unforeseen circumstances. We advise our clients that a Will should be drawn up on completion of the property. A local solicitor can draw up the document for a small fee.

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