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North Cyprus Estate Agents, Real Estate in Northern Cyprus
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North Cyprus Estate Agents
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Living in North Cyprus

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Electricity in Northern Cyprus operates around 220 volts at a frequency of 50Hz. There are frequent outages that have to deal with the lack of infrastructure and high demand. Currently there are plans to build new stations and upgrade the current infrastructure of North Cyprus.

It is advised that certain measures be taken to protect your electrical equipment in North Cyprus. If you are coming to Northern Cyprus from a country that has the same voltage and frequency you might want to bring any surge protectors that you are using. If not some surge protectors can be found in local shops in TRNC. They vary in quality and price.


Some areas of the TRNC have a better water supply than others. Normally remote places or for the most part the capital of North Cyprus, Nicosia still have water shortages during the summers. In these parts water is available on alternate days or every two days. That is why these places normally have water tanks that let them store water until the next “water day” comes around. If what you have in your tank is not enough for your water needs there are other options available for you in North Cyprus. First, there is always the possibility of getting bigger tanks, or simply increasing the number of tanks that you have. An alternative is having water delivered to your North Cyprus home. There are many companies throughout Northern Cyprus that deliver water to your house. Said services are relatively cheap and on occasion unavoidable depending on your water usage. When called, a truck is sent to your house in North Cyprus and they fill up your tank.

As of late Kyrenia and other tourist areas of Northern Cyprus that are developed experience little or no rations during the summer. Either way it is normally not advisable to drink water from the tap. If you are unsure about lugging home litres and litres of bottled water there are alternatives. There are many companies these days that deliver bottled water to your home in North Cyprus. To partake in this service you will first need to buy a water cooler. The good thing about such a device is that it will provide you with both cold and hot water. When the water is finished call the service again and they will bring you a new bottle.


A telephone (land line) can be connected in areas of Northern Cyprus where the service is already available. However, in recent years there has been a shortage of phone numbers. The North Cyprus telephone company is currently in process of upgrading their services but until said upgrade is complete there will be no numbers available. The best alternative for local North Cyprus calls is the use of a mobile phone. There are currently two GSM operators in Northern Cyprus which are Telsim and Turkcell. Even the locals in many cases have become dependent on cell phones for their telephony needs. Some even prefer using there mobile phone. Remember when using these services in Northern Cyprus as in most countries there are off peak ours that offer you cheaper rates. The same goes for the regular landline. After eight at night the prices for calls are reduced. During these times you are more likely to run into the, “Sorry all lines are busy, please try again later” announcement.


As there are no main sewerage lines in North Cyprus, septic tanks are the main method of disposal for Northern Cyprus household sewage. Also as in some European countries the pipes generally tend to be on the small side and as such many a person will warn you about the dangers of putting toilet paper in the toilet.


Refuse in Northern Cyprus is collected either once or twice a week from specified points. In isolated areas, outside the main routes of the council, it is the householder’s responsibility to dispose of refuse. It is greatly appertained if you do not dump your garbage outside the specific pick up points of Northern Cyprus such as garbage bins. More specifically if you see a sign that reads “Lütfen Çöp Atmayan” this means, “Please don’t throw trash here”. Disregard other trash that might be right under the sign this is not a garbage dump.

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